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 About AutoTux

AutoTux is a pre-configured Linux Operating System packed with a selection of software (amongst others) which come in handy to students especially during the Vocational IT, Computing, Robotics and ICT C3 courses in Malta. The system is based on the rock-solid Debian 10 "buster" operating system. No network connection is needed, since all packages are on the installation media. The system uses XFCE which is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly.

Warning: The installation is fully automated without any user intervention. The system is automatically installed on the first available disk.


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 Philosophy behind AutoTux

The aim of AutoTux is to provide the students with a ready-made operating system and software packages which are not time-consuming to install and configure. Instead of having to manually install the operating system and every piece of software one by one, the student can just burn the image on a DVD or else create a bootable USB pendrive, boot the system and, from that point onwards, the installation is fully automatic. Once the system is installed, no further configuration is required and the student can just load the operating system, log in and start working. At the same time, AutoTux introduces the students to the world of Linux, a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel. Using a Solid State Drive (SSD), in less than 20 minutes you can have a fully installed operating system with all your required applications.


 Minimum System Requirements


 VirtualBox Recommended Settings

Note: In order to be able use the system in full-screen mode, it is recommended to use VirtualBox version 6.0.11 since the system contains the pre-compiled VirtualBox modules for that particular version. Any other versions will require the reinstallation of the VirtualBox Guest Additions CD Image.


 Software Packages

Amongst the default software packages that come pre-installed with the system, additional software is included as follows:

Note: In Brackets, the Live Preview feature might not work initially. If this is the case, please follow the steps below which need to be done only once.

  1. Open Brackets and click the lightning icon (top-right) to open Live Preview. A Google Chrome proxy instance will load, displaying an error;
  2. In the Google Chrome proxy instance, go to Settings (three dots at the top right);
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the page (keep scrolling). More options will be displayed;
  4. Uncheck Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed;
  5. Close the Google Chrome proxy instance and restart Live Preview.


 Default Login Credentials

Note: Once you log in successfully you can:

Warning: Once you are root, you have total control over the system. Therefore you can wipe out the whole system by mistake with a single command in the terminal. Unless you are performing a software installation or configuration, you should never become root. Be extra careful! You were warned...


 Download AutoTux

The current AutoTux version is 2.0-190903_amd64. Feel free to download, use and share AutoTux. The software is provided free of charge. However, you can optionally help the continued development of AutoTux through a small donation by clicking the button below. Thanks for your support!